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Instructor intorduces diver to the twinset fundamentals of recreational and technical diving

Intro to Technical Diving Thailand Twinset Fundamentals

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The Twinset Fundamentals intro to Tec course introduces students to diving on twin cylinders often referred to as twinsets or doubles and the knowledge and techniques required for the safe use of twinsets. The course includes knowledge development, equipment configuration workshop and dives.

Many divers reach a point in their diving careers when they realize that a single-cylinder scuba unit just doesn’t cut it for the sort of diving they’d like to do. Whether it is concerns about equipment redundancy and safety or simply wanting to carry more gas so they can stay in the water longer, most adventurous divers are eventually drawn to multiple cylinders.

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PADI Distinctive Specialty Course

Twinset Fundamentals is a PADI Distinctive Specialty Course authored by Kiwidiver Tec Instructor Trainer Kevin Black. It was first launched in 2005 when the PADI Tec Deep course was a single 10 day intensive course taking students from recreational divers to full technical 50m divers. The course was designed as a stepping stone for those who found converting straight from recreational single tank diving to diving in full technical configuration in cold water and dry suits too much of a step.

Twinset diving course in pool using double cylinders

Twinset for Tec or Recreational diving

Diving with double cylinders

The course is still taught today for those wanting a one day or two day intro to tec type experience where you learn correct technical configuration of twin cylinders and long hose gas sharing. It is ideal for someone wanting to get experience and practice diving on a twinset (double cylinders) prior to taking a PADI Tec 40 technical diving course.

On completion of the course you will be able to rent double cylinders for your recreational dives and dive within recreational limits in a technical configuration. This will give you the opportunity to practice things like shut down drills before starting your technical training.

1-day Twinset Fundamentals course options

Beach Diving

2 Dives*

Price: 7,400 THB

* The beach diving option is only available
Nov – May when weather conditions allow.

Boat Diving

2 Dives

Price: 8,900 THB

Technical diving with Whale Shark

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