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Divers in water at the beach in Phuket - shore diving

Beach diving in Phuket, Thailand

Price: 3,000 THB | 2 Dives

Seasonal: Beach diving is only available between October and May

At Kiwidiver we have selected some of the best diving locations around Phuket Island for diving. Beach diving in Phuket is often overlooked in preference of boat diving but it is amazing just how much there is to see just off the local beaches. While the beaches are only suitable to dive from during peak season (November through April) the marine life is abundant. Ghost pipe fish, Harlequin sweet lips, schooling barracuda are among some of the things you can expect to see.

Kiwidiver is constantly exploring new reefs to find good sites to take our guests. Some are remote and require 4wd access but you can be sure your average dive centre doesn’t explore them. Others are popular snorkeling beaches where we share the underwater beauty with other Thailand beach dwellers

Some of the best diving in Thailand is right of the local Phuket Beaches. You will be amazed at what we can find just of the local beach. Beach diving is weather dependent and we select the best beach to go to on the morning of the dive based on weather conditions. Interested in free NITROX on beach dives? Find out more on our Free NITROX page.

Kata Beach | Our favorite dive spot

Kata beach is one of our favorite Phuket beach dive spots. You would be amazed to find the prolific marine life and variety of fish just off one of Phuket’s busiest beaches, with easy access, food, toilets and showers nearby. Over the Thailand high season, this is a popular dive reef and ideal training ground. We do two dives a day with lunch on the beach in between.

Home to six different species of seahorse, loads of blue spotted stingrays and we even find harlequin shrimp and harlequin sweetlips here sometimes. On several occasions, the allusive mimic octopus has been spotted.

Also, a favorite for our night dives as there is so much to see when the nocturnal marine life come out to play after dark.

FREE Enriched Air Nitrox Available if booked in advance. If you are not Nitrox qualified you can do your EAN course while diving from the beach.

Divers at the beach in Phuket going in the water for a beach dive

Ao Sane | A hidden gem

Hidden away in the south of Phuket this site is sheltered when the wind makes our other sites a little difficult. Ao Sane has a restaurant overlooking the beach for relaxing between dives. It is an easy site to dive with a good variety of marine life and easily accessible.

Once upon a time only visited by backpackers and hikers we now have vehicle access. Ideal for a bimble down the reef or for conducting courses in a relaxed environment. We used to dive it a lot more frequently when it was a hidden gem but now the carpark is regularly full.

As with other local beach sites, it is not uncommon to find marinelife that we do not see on the day boat tours.

Beach diving options

2 Beach Dives

Price: 3,000 THB

2 Night Dives

Price: 3,000 THB

Scuba diving Phuket’s local beaches

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