Rebreathers For Sale

Kiwidiver has the largest selection of both new and used rebreathers for sale in Thailand including the AP Inspiration, The Hollis Explorer, Poseidon MK6, MK6T (tec) and Poseidon Se7en. Kiwidiver also has the largest selection of spare parts and consumables for rebreathers as well. And Kiwidiver can provide training on all units from beginner levels to instructor levels

Choosing the right rebreather and the right rebreather instructor is an important decisions. With Kiwidiver that choose is easy because we actually own, dive and teach multiple different units and have years of experience teaching rebreather diving from beginner levels to instructor levels.

This means we can accurately advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of each unit and establish which is the right unit for you rather than trying to persuade you towards only one unit.