Rebreather Certification Comparison

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Rebreather diving training with different scuba diving agencies

PADI rebreather training is unit specific and when crossing over to PADI you need to ensure the unit you are diving is on the PADI Unit Register. This rebreather certification comparison chart shows the equivalent unit qualification in each of the agencies as PADI currently recognises it. To ensure you have the correct certification to start your next level PADI course with Kiwidiver please email a copy of your current certification cards to our office and confirm with our Rebreather Instructor Trainer, Kevin Black.

PADI Rebreather and Tec CCR Qualifying Certifications from other Organisations

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This chart may be used to find the qualifying PADI Rebreather or Tec CCR certifications when crossing over from another training organisation. Look for the organisation and the level of your current certification and you will find the corresponding PADI Rebreather or Tec CCR course.

xThis means your current certification may qualify you to enrol in the next higher level PADI Rebreather or Tec CCR course (After usual pre-assessment)
(+)This means that there are additional requirements that must be met. Please contact your PADI Office for clarification.
(*)This means you will need to contact your PADI Office to confirm that the unit used for training is listed in the PADI register.

Download the PADI table here

Do you have questions about crossing over to PADI from another training organisation?