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Diver in water during rebreather course on Poseidon Se7en in Phuket

Poseidon Se7en Rebreather

Available PADI courses: Diver Level | Advanced Level |Tec CCR | Instructor Level

The new Poseidon Se7en is the next generation of CCR rebreather. Both the simplicity of a recreational rebreather and yet quickly switched to the full functionality of a technical rebreather. Based on the proven Mk6 CCR platform the unit looks much the same without the cover on it. However there are many improvements hidden inside the unit.

Upgraded electronics on the Se7en provide more processing power with new access via Bluetooth allow access to things like dive logs or software upgrades at a fraction of the time it used to take with the Mk6.

With the new dive management software running on your laptop you can connect to the unit via Bluetooth and then provide access via a secure VPN to Poseidon service technicians so the can provide remote support.

The mouthpiece has been improved to avoid accidental switching from CC to OC.

Rebreather Training on Poseidon Se7en

Available PADI Courses

Currently the Poseidon Se7en is registered on the PADI register for the following CCR recreational and CCR technical rebreather courses:

While you can use either the Mk6 or the Se7en to complete rebreather diver and advanced rebreather diver courses, for the technical courses Padi Tec40 CCR & PADI Tec60 CCR you can use the Se7en or the Mk6-T which is the MK6 with the 60m tec upgrade.

CCR or Closed-circuit recreational rebreathers produce no bubbles and as a result make no bubble noise. This enables you to avoid alarming marine animals and get closer to underwater creatures and their ecosystems.

On a Recreational Rebreather all the normal pre-dive checks are completed by the electronics reducing task-loading and simplifying your dive. Built-in alarms constantly check the performance and warns if a problem occurs so you can flick the bailout valve.

Because a rebreather hardly uses any gas and the computer optimises the gas mixture in the unit you have much more time underwater with extended no-deco times. Think of it as a nitrox blender on your back.

Lightweight for transporting if you own it yourself or becoming more and more available for rent at dive sites throughout the world.

Experience perfect buoyancy & take better underwater photos and underwater videos.

Try rebreather diving with Kiwidiver in Phuket, Thailand!

Rebreather diving in Phuket on Poseidon Se7en

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