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Scuba cylinders in diveshop PADI Tec Gas Blender Course Thailand

PADI Tec Gas Blender Course Thailand

Price from: 9,800 THB

For Technical Divers and dive professionals, the Gas Blending course is an easy way to learn about oxygen cleaning and handling different gas mixes to blend gas for technical diving. The course covers the use of partial pressure blending, Membrane compressors and calibration and use of nitrox blending sticks.

As Kiwidiver is Phuket’s leading PADI TecRec and Rebreather Center we are regularly making gas mixes for our tec and rebreather courses. You will learn first hand how we safely blend mixes in a busy dive center.

The DSAT Gas Blender course develops the students ability to completely blend enriched air nitrox and / or tri-mix using one or more of the blending methods available for the diving industry.It is not intended to replace equipment specific training required by manufacturers of gas blending equipment.

Course Goals | Gas Blending

At Kiwidiver we also cover the use of our portable Oxygen booster pump and portable compressor for blending gas mixes in the field at remote sites. We also include in our course additional training on the regular maintenance of compressors including filter changing and re-packing.

Our tec instructor trainer has designed and built a number of gas blending sticks for other dive centers. Learn what goes into the basic design and build of a nitrox blending stick and how to calculate the right configuration for your needs.

Our practical oxygen cleaning workshop includes the cleaning of regulators and/or tank valves.
As with all our courses you will receive your own set of genuine PADI materials and a digital gas calculator. Upon meeting performance requirements you will receive an internationally recognised gas blender certification card.

Ari, nitrox and oxygen cylinders for DSAT Gas Blender Course Thailand
Scuba tanks by the pool for PADI Tec Gas Blender Course Phuket

Course Details | Tec Gas Blender 



  • Minimum age: 18 years
  • PADI Enriched Air/Nitrox Specialty certification or equivalent (for Nitrox Blender)
  • Trimix qualification (for Trimix Blender)

Course Costs

  • Nitrox Blender: 9,800 THB
  • Trimix Blender: 9,800 THB + Helium at 2.5 THB per liter
If you are a Divemaster, divemaster trainee or an instructor this course could increase your employment opportunities on liveaboards or at diving facilities where Nitrox or mixed gas diving is popular.

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