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Diver on land getting ready for PADI Cave Diver Tec course Thailand

PADI Full Cave Diver Course Thailand

Price: 98,000 THB

Course duration: 9 days

The PADI Full Cave Diver Course is a nine-day program that includes the Cavern Diver, Intermediate Cave Diver and Full Cave Diver curriculum. It is a course that includes self-study knowledge development, classroom presentations, land-based skills and 16 dives.

The PADI TecRec Full Cave Diver course is beyond the normal range of recreational diving. Therefore, the course is designed to develop the student in techniques, skills, knowledge, planning, organization, procedures and hazards in order to cope with open circuit cave diving at the highest level.

This is an approved PADI Distinctive Specialty program and not available everywhere. Certification is issued by PADI once performance requirements have been met. It is recognized by The Cave Divers Association of Australia with no additional training required.

As we have no proper underwater caves in Phuket the training includes travel to some of Thailand’s best underwater caves Song Hong and Sra Kieow. We provide transportation and accommodation as part of the package.

The first four dives are cavern dives conducted within the light zone and with limited penetration and with a single continuous guideline to the surface or open water. The second set of four dives are to an intermediate level with limited penetration. The last eight dives are full penetration with the deployment of a continuous guideline from the surface with the use of jump lines and gaps to allow for more complex navigation exercises.

Diver in water during PADI Cave Diver specialty course Phuket


  • Certified PADI Tec 50 Diver or a qualifying certification from another training organization
  • Certified PADI Tec Sidemount or a qualifying certification from another training organization if student wishes to use sidemount for all or part of the course
  • Minimum Age: 18 years
Technical diving gear for the PADI Full cave diver course Phuket

Course Details | Full Cave Diver

Subjects covered by the course include:

  • Limits of Cavern, Intermediate Cave and Full Cave Diver Level
  • Types of caves and cave terminology
  • Cave diving equipment
  • Awareness and team dynamics
  • Hazards and problems of cave diving
  • Cave diving communication
  • Control cave diving skills
  • General cave diving procedures
  • Complex cave navigation procedures
  • Cave maps and symbols

Typical course itinerary

Day 1

Travel & Theory

  • Transfer from Phuket to Resort in Thungyai
  • Cave Theory

Day 2

Song Hong

  • Land skills

  • Dive 1, Dive 2 and Dive 3

Day 3

Song Hong

  • Land skills

  • Dive 4, Dive 5 and Dive 6

Day 4

Song Hong

  • Land skills

  • Dive 7 & Dive 8

Day 5

Song Hong

  • Dive 9 & Dive 10

Day 6

Sra Kieow

  • Dive 11 & Dive 12

Day 7

Sra Kieow

  • Dive 13 & Dive 14

Day 8

Song Hong

  • Dive 15 & Dive 16

Day 9

Back to Phuket

  • Check out from resort and transfer back to Phuket

The single student PADI Full Cave course consists 9 days with 7 days diving and costs 98,000 THB.
Included are the PADI Full Cave certification, accommodation and gas.

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