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Divers underwater during trainig on PADI Self reliant diver course Phuket

PADI Self Reliant Diver Specialty Course Thailand

Price from: 9,100 THB

Course duration: 1 Day | 3 Dives

Many divers find themselves alone underwater either by choice such as photographers or researchers or by accident from diver separation. To help develop skills required in these situations PADI launched the Self Reliant Diver specialty course.

While recognizing the role of the buddy system, and its contributions to diver safety, the purpose of the course is to identify and develop self reliance and independence while diving. You may not choose to dive solo, however, the skills learned on this course will help you be a better buddy and teach you how to think outside the box when diving.

The course covers situations where diving alone may be useful or necessary and the need for and how to conduct proper dive planning, additional life support system readiness, additional training required, specialized or additional equipment you may use and the responsibility that goes with solo diving.

At Kiwidiver all of our Self Reliant Diver course Instructors are also experienced Technical or Rebreather instructors. They are practiced in the art of redundancy and self-reliance and will show you additional tricks of the trade to make you a better diver. As one of Thailand’s leading Tec and Rebreather centers, we have dedicated specialized equipment for solo diving that many regular recreational only dive centers may not have.

Course Details | Self Reliant Diver



  • 18 years of age

  • Min 100 logged dives

  • PADI Advanced Open Water Diver
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Mandatory Equipment

  • SMB and reel or spool

  • Redundant air supply
  • Redundant Dive Computer
  • Spare Mask

Key skills and philosophies taught in this course

  •  Philosophy of and motivation for diving without a partner
  • Planning and diving without a partner
  • Potential risks and how to manage those risks
  • Additional equipment and how to uses it
  • Gas management
  • Self-reliance skills and techniques
Diver training in open water during PADI Self reliant diver course Thauland

Who should take this course?

Diving without a partner is for experienced scuba divers prepared to make the commitment to equip and train themselves properly and to accept the additional risks involved. A person must have the right attitude to pursue responsible and safe solo diving.

To engage responsibly in independent scuba diving a diver must be experienced with a minimum off a hundred or more dives and apply the specialized procedures and equipment needed to be absolutely self  reliant.

Photographers, dive guides and others will find the principles taught for self reliant diving useful when diving as a group, or when otherwise choosing to dive without a partner. Experienced divers who regularly dive with a buddy will find the self reliant diver course improves their skill and confidence when diving with unknown or less experienced buddies.

1-Day course options

3 Beach Dives

Price: 9,100 THB

3 Boat Dives

Price: 10,900 THB

Diving with sharks in Phuket | Self Reliant Diver

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