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Diver recovering lost object during PADI Search and recovery course Phuket

PADI Search and Recovery Diver Course Thailand

Price from: 9,500 THB

Course duration: 2 Days | 4 Dives

As a PADI Search and Recovery diver you will learn the techniques for searching the bottom for missing items and how to recover them to the surface. Search and recovery is both a useful skill and an enjoyable challenge.

Search and recovery divers explore the bottom of the ocean or a lake looking for things lost from the surface. Many of those items we find are small enough to put in our pocket. But what do we do if they are not? What if they are too heavy for us to bring safely to the surface? And what if we need to find something that has been lost somewhere in our dive site.

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  • PADI (Junior) Advanced Open Water Diver or

  • PADI (Junior) Open Water Divers with a PADI Underwater Navigator certification
  • Min 12 years old

You will learn

The PADI Search and Recovery specialty course develops your ability to locate and retrieve lost articles. You will find this course challenging and rewarding because there is something really satisfying about finding something that has been lost either recently or something that has been lost for an age.
Divers training in open water during PADI Search and recovery specialty course Thailand

Every year recreational divers discover long lost wrecks or artifacts around the world. Even if you do not long lost treasure, having the knowledge on how to locate or lift an object is always useful.

During the course, you will make at least four dives searching for and recovering objects of different sizes lost in varying search areas. It is not unusual to make more than four dives because it may take more than one dive to find and recover a single object.

Enriched air NITROX is a course that goes well with Search and Recovery. Nitrox enables longer bottom time for longer searches. If you are Nitrox qualified you will have the option of using Nitrox on your dives. If you are not Nitrox qualified then you can combine a certification with this course.

2-Day course options

4 Beach Dives

Price: 9,500 THB

4 Boat Dives

Price: 12,900 THB

Search & Recovery training in Phuket

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