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Battling Marine Debris issues with PADI Project Aware Course Thailand

PADI Project AWARE Specialty Course Thailand

Price: 5,900 THB

Course duration: 2-3 hour classroom

The Project AWARE Specialty program is a non-diving program designed to familiarize divers and non-divers with the conditions of aquatic ecosystems around the world. It also describes what individuals can do to help protect aquatic resources. Thus, the goals of this course are to familiarize participants with:

  • The role Project AWARE Foundation plays in protecting aquatic ecosystems worldwide.
  • The importance, and the interdependent nature, of aquatic ecosystems.
  • The pertinent issues concerning the environmental status of underwater environments, such as pollution, fisheries and coastal zone management.
  • Information needed to take specific actions to help conserve underwater environments.

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The Project AWARE Foundation is a non-profit organisation that focuses on conservation of underwater environments through education, advocacy and direct action. Donations made to Project AWARE help to combat the challenges facing the aquatic environment, such as providing tourist and dive centers information on diminishing their impact, supporting local beach and underwater clean up events around the world, classrooms and materials for education.

Combining specialty courses

This course can be run in conjunction with the following Courses at a reduced price of 2.500 THB (to cover the PADI certification cost)

  • Underwater Naturalist Diver
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty Diver Course
  • AWARE – Fish Identification
  • PADI Skin Diver Course and Discover Snorkeling
Black tip Sharks in Peril as part of PADI Porject Aware Phuket

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