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Divers drifting with schoal of fish during PADI drift diver course Phuket

PADI Drift Diver Course Thailand

Price: 8,900 THB

Course duration: 1 day | 2 Boat Dives

After completing the PADI Drift Diver course you will find drift diving is a relaxing and enjoyable form of diving that offers an alternative to using lines and other techniques to move against current. It is especially suited to areas with mild to strong current with long reefs, kelp forests or other topography within recreational depth limits. The current allows the diver to see more aquatic life and underwater formations than usual. However, drift diving is often performed more for the experience of underwater flight than for sightseeing.



Although it is typically conducted from a boat in open ocean, drift diving is also possible from shore in rivers and areas with strong tidal currents. While it is an effective way to dive, it is typically difficult or impossible for divers to swim against currents for anything more than a short distance while drift diving. This raises potential concerns including staying together as a group, maintaining contact with the boat or (in the case of shore-based drift diving) not missing the exit point.

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You will learn

  • How to plan a drift dive and select the right dive site
  • Avoiding hazards common to currents
  • The use of drift diving equipment like SMB’s or floats
  • Using buoyancy skills and streamlining
  • How to dive with a group and maintain buddy contact
Divers practicing skills during PADI Drift diver specialty course Phuket

The PADI Drift Diver Specialty course introduces you to the coolest magic carpet ride you will ever experience. This course shows you how to enjoy rivers and ocean currents by “going with the flow,” staying with your dive partner, communicating with the dive boat and knowing where you are the whole time.

Drift Diving is nearly effortless and relaxing. You simply glide along and enjoy the rush of flying underwater while the current does the work.

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Drift Diving in Phuket | Racha Yai

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