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Training in pool during PADI rebreather instructor course Thailand

PADI Recreational Rebreather Instructor Course Thailand

Price: 19,900 THB

With the rapid growth in the recreational rebreather market rebreather instructors are in high demand. The PADI Rebreather Instructor course is an excellent path for those seeking to enhance their employment potential and set their career on a new and exciting track, teaching the PADI closed circuit rebreather diver courses.

Why choose Kiwidiver for your Instructor Training

If you want to be a top-notch instructor then invest in the most professional training and you will not be disappointed with the result. When it comes to Instructor level training you want the best. A small investment in your training can make a big difference in the quality of your tuition.

As one of the most experienced PADI Rebreather Instructors in the Asia Pacific, Kiwidiver’s Instructor Trainer Kevin Black has a wealth of experience and information to help you set up your rebreather business and will be there for you as your business expands into the technical area.
Kiwidiver was the first PADI Dive Center to have the Poseidon Mk6 and the Hollis Explorer. We are the only rebreather training center in Thailand to have all three of the recreational rebrerathers on the PADI Type-R unit register. Do your training with someone who knows and has the experience to educate you on the differences, benefits and disadvantages of all the different units.

Fast Track Rebreather Instructor Training | For non-rebreather-qualified instructors 

Becoming a rebreather diver and even a PADI rebreather instructor with Kiwidiver is easy and does not take as long as you might imagine. The Rebreather Diver and Advanced rebreather diver courses can be combined into one course and completed in just four days (although we recommend five days). During this time you will learn about rebreather diving and in particular how it applies to the unit you choose to do the course on. There are many different types of rebreather and the course is unit specific so you will need to choose a unit first to start on. Don’t worry, as Thailand’s leading rebreather center we have all the different brands available for the PADI course and because we dive and teach them all we can give you totally unbiased advice on which unit is best for you. No other dive center in Phuket can offer this.

Once you have completed your PADI Rebreather Diver & Advanced Diver course you need to get to a minimum total of 30 hours and 30 dives before starting your Instructor course. As you will have already done some of the dives / hours on you diver level courses this is really only a couple of weeks diving.

However, a certain level of competency is required to meet the grade as an Instructor so some people may need longer than others to meet the standard. If you have done your diver level with Kiwidiver then we will have already told you which areas you need to work on to meet the grade as an instructor. If you trained elsewhere you may want to do a check dive with Kiwidiver so we can assess your competency before committing to the Instructor course.

It is a great opportunity to enjoy a few days of diving some of the fantastic local rebreather dive sites or join us on one of our rebreather liveaboards. We will buddy you up with an Instructor or Instructor trainer so you can use this time to increase your knowledge.

Happy rebreather instructor after training in water in Thailand
You will also have a chance to join us as we teach other CCR courses to prepare for your CCR instructor course in Phuket. Talk to our Course Director and Rebreather Instructor Trainer now and we will design a custom fast track program for your particular needs. We make sure that you learn everything you need to and gain the necessary experience in the fastest possible time without compromising on quality training.
Assembling hollis explorer rebreather as part of PADI Rebreather instructor course

The Instructor course takes 2-3 days, includes Classroom time, Pool time and Open Water time. Includes scrubber and gas but not unit rental.

Course Details | Rebreather Instructor 



  • Be a renewed PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor or above

  • Be a PADI Enriched Air Instructor.

  • Be a PADI Deep Diver Specialty Instructor

  • Be certified as a PADI Advanced Rebreather Diver on the specific Type R rebreather for which the candidate is qualifying.

  • Have a minimum of 150 logged dives, of which at least 30 dives were made on the specific Type R rebreather for which the instructor is qualifying as a PADI Rebreather Instructor.

  • Medical clearance attesting to dive fitness signed by a physician within the previous 12 months.

Poseidon rebreather course Thailand
Hollis Explorere rebreather course Thailand
AP inspiration rebreather course Thailand

The normal schedule for the Rebreather Instructor course

Day 1


  • Introduction & Course Overview
  • PADI Rebreather Courses (IT Presentation)
  • How to Teach Rebreather Courses (IT Presentation)
  • Marketing PADI Rebreather Courses (IT – led Workshop)
  • Candidate Knowledge development presentations (2)
  • Candidate Practical Applications (2)

Day 2 & 3


  • Confined water presentations (2)
  • Rebreather Instructor water skills assessment

Open Water (Boat or Beach)

  • Open water presentation (1 – includes 2 skills)

Rebreather diving training | Rebreather Instructor

Rebreather Instructor Waterskills Assessment

Waterskills assessment in open water during PADI Rrebrether instructor course on Poseidon Se7en Thailand

There is also a course assist required before certification. This can either be done with Kiwidiver or any other rebreather training center. To assist on a Kiwidiver course you need 4-5 days and the course costs 24,900 THB (includes scrubber and gas but not unit rental).

Perform all 19 rebreather skills listed below correctly for the specific unit, scoring no less than a 3 on any skill and with at least 50 percent of skills scored at a 4 or higher:

  1. Perform a complete rebreather pre-dive check.
  2. Don an offboard bailout cylinder at the surface.
  3. Perform a proper descent check.
  4. On signal of a simulated emergency, bail out to the BOV, then return to the loop.
  5. On signal of a simulated emergency, bail out to the BOV, then switch to the offboard bailout.
  6. On signal of a simulated emergency, bail out to the BOV, then switch to an alternate.
  7. Demonstrate awareness of system status  – HUD & Display.
  8. Water in the loop
  9. Water in the loop –  offboard
  10. Hovering –  90 seconds without rising or sinking more than 1 metre/3 feet.
  11. Deploy a DSMB.
  12. Controlled ascent maintaining buddy contact.
  13. Unresponsive Diver
  14. Offboard bailout – stationary. As both a donor and a receiver
  15. Remove and replace an offboard bailout cylinder while underwater.
  16. No mask Swim
  17. Bail out off board accent.
  18. Oral inflation.
  19. Remove an offboard bailout cylinder at the surface

Additional Training & Qualifications

Hollis explorer setup during PADI Additional Unit rebreather instructor course Phuket

PADI Additional Unit Course | Rebreather Instructor 

PADI Crossover Course | Rebreather Instructor 

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