Multilevel Diver

A multilevel diver is able to extend their dive time by understanding the relationship between depth, no-decompression time, gas consumption and how to manipulate these to get the longest dive.

With the use of modern computers and dive planning apps planning extended dives has become so much easier and implementing these plans enable us to get so much more out of our dive. Rather than just dropping down to the deepest point and ending our dive when we either get low on air or run out of no-deco time we can now extend our dive by managing our resources.

For example our local King Cruiser wreck which sits on the bottom at 32m. As long as you had enough gas you could spend 17 minutes before you ran out of no deco time at 32m and had to end the dive.

However a multilevel diver may choose to spend 5 minutes at 30m you could then ascend to 20m and spend a further 30 min at this depth before ascending to a shallower depth again.

Of course you also need to learn to manage your gas consumption as well at each of these levels

Multilevel diver

Thanks to recreational multilevel diving, in most environments you can stay underwater as long as you have air and warmth. This advantage is made possible thanks to advances in decompression theory as used in PADI’s eRDPML, and modern dive computers.

With Kiwidiver you will learn how to use these modern tools just like professional instructors and dive guides do to extend your dive while staying within safe limits.

Get more out of your diving with training from Kiwidiver

PADI Multi Level Divier (2 Boat Dives) 9,900 Thai Baht

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