Kata Beach Summary:
Hard coral reef and sandy beach
Mild currents and light serge (November-April)
Depths 1 m – 12m (deeper with a longer swim)
Visibilty 5m – 20m (10m normal average)

A good selection of normal reef fish and great variety of special critters can be found diving at Kata Beach.

Scuba Diving at Kata Beach

Kata beach surely should be one of the ‘must do’ Phuket dive sites. With easy diving conditions and shallow water, providing comfortable long dives on a trip that doesn’t take up your whole day, this dive site more than any other has produced an abundant variety of special ‘lusted after’ critters.

This is not a ‘pretty’ dive. Visibility can be up to 20m although 10m is more the average, but that’s plenty for working your way along the hard coral reef and out across the beach in search of the changing and ever surprising macro marine life.

As last high season progressed diving Kata Beach we were seeing: 4 different species of seahorse, a variety of pigmy pipe-horses, fingered dragonets, Indian ocean walkman, robust and ornate ghost pipe-fish, sea-moths, sawblade and harlequin shrimp, harlequin crabs, mimic octopus, frog-fish, assorted snake-eels and morays plus many types of nudibranchs including Melibe Fimbriata, Cerberilla Affinis and Phyllodesmium Sp.

I believe that ‘so long as you go with your eyes and mind open, there is always something interesting to see on any dive’ – and that is so true of scuba diving at Kata Beach. You never know what to expect – and that anticipation is what makes this dive special and exciting! From beginner divers to instructors working in Phuket, everyone that has dived here with us has seen something new that has made the dive special and wanting to come back for more.

Diving diversity

Because it’s such an easy to dive site, it’s also great for a group of divers with a mixture of experience levels – such as a family where experienced diving parents may want to dive along-side their children who are trying diving for the first time (Discover Scuba) .

Courses like PADI Sidemount Diver and Full Face Mask Specialties, where you can make the most of beach entries and water that’s shallow enough to stand in are ideal to do at Kata Beach. If it’s a course that needs a pool session prior to diving in the sea, like the Recreational Rebreather Specialty, then you can often do both in the same day because you are avoiding the long boat ride.

This is also a great dive site for night diving – something that otherwise can be hard to organize from Phuket. Every night dive is different, depending on the effect of the tides and luna cycle on the marine life, but at Kata Beach you can usually count on lots of squid, cuttle-fish, shrimp, crustaceans and morays plus a surprise critter or two…

All in, there are so many reasons why you should dive Kata Beach it’s a surprise that more people don’t !