Phuket Dive Boats

With such a large selection of Phuket dive boats and boat operators running local dive boats out of Phuket sometimes it can be hard to know what you are getting when you book online. At Kiwidiver we have made it easy for you. While we are not stuck to just one boat and one boat schedule we are able to ensure quality of service through our strict partnership program to ensure the boat you dive from meets all our quality standards and is the best boat for your trip or course.

We go to all the top dive sites and a few of our own. With our team of experienced instructors we can make recommendations based on your skill level on where the best dive site for you is to get the type of diving you like or when it comes to training we pick the dive site that will compliment your training to give you the best possible experience. So all you have to do is pick the trip you want to do and let us take car of the rest.

Dive Boats Day Trips

For qualified divers only
If you are not qualified and want to try diving go here

Racha Yai

2 Dives
Racha Yai Only
Every Day
Return by 15:30
3,500 Baht

Racha Yai / Noi

3 Dives
Racha Yai + Racha Noi
Most Days
(except Tue & Sun)
3,800 Baht

Phi Phi

3 Dives
Phi Phi + either
Every Day
3,800 Baht