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Day Trip: Depending on conditions Anemone Reef is dived interchangeably with Shark Point

The Thai Name for Anemone reef is “Hin Jom”, meaning “underwater rock”. This dive site derives its English name from the profusion of lime green and sky blue magnificent anemones that cover this pinnacle with all the colors you could wish for. The top of the Pinnacle is submerged 5m below the surface about half way between Phuket and Phi Phi and not far from Shark Point & the King Cruiser Wreck. The maximum depth is about 25m unless you go well off the pinnacle.

Covered by a huge quantity and variety of both soft corals and anemones with many different species of marine life it is one of the favorite destinations of underwater photographers. Although the pinnacle is not large and easy to circumnavigate, there is so much to be seen that it is easy to run out of dive time exploring the diversity of marine life.

The pinnacle has a north to south orientation with a mooring line at the northern shallower end where the boat often moors and we descend.

At the southern end of the pinnacle is a channel between some outcropped reef, which if the current is mild can be an interesting swim through.

Although there is so much life amongst the reef and you will most probably spend a lot of your time looking in all the cracks hunting for ornate ghost pipefish or seahorses. It is worth keeping a look out onto the blue as well. Often there will be large groups of hunting jacks, giant barracuda and even the occasional whale shark.


The top of the pinnacle is 5m so we are able to do our safety stop sheltered from any current where the mooring line is connected, before ascending up the line. This is not a difficult day trip dive with many sheltered areas. Straying from the reef you can often find large schools of fish hanging out in the blue waiting for the bubble blowers (scuba divers) to leave.

Anemone Reef is part of the same reef chain as Shark Point, depending on conditions the two dive sites are interchangable

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Quick facts | Anemone Reef dive site

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Experience Level

Suitable for all divers



5 – 25 m


Pinnacles with small channel covered by carpets of anemones

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Marine Life

Clownfish, Porcelain crabs, nudibranches, ghost pipefish, seahorses and Harlequin shrimp.

Fun Diving


Equipment Rental required

Private guide required (+1,700 Baht)

Computer rental required (+500 Baht)

13 + 4 =

Scuba diving at Anemone Reef from Phuket

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